Providing compassion and resources to community members and families in times of need.

The Community Team NJ is a 501(c)(3) non-profit volunteer organization based in Central New Jersey. It was started in 2020 by Spotswood residents Melissa Hallerman and Tami McGeachy as a way to assist local families in need as well as families in homeless shelters and domestic abuse shelters. Our current initiatives include coordinating annual donation drives at Christmas, Easter, and Mother’s and Father’s Day for:

We also run fundraisers and participate in community events to raise awareness and funds for our cause, including Candy Cane My Yard, Egg My Yard, and a Tricky Tray. Our goal is to expand our offerings and outreach to further assist our neighbors and the community at large.

The Team

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Melissa Hallerman, President

Tami McGeachy, Treasurer

Karen Masucci, Secretary


Sandy Bohinski

Vince Davis

Donna Faulkenberry

John Lavelle

Sal Masucci

Rich O'Brien

Elisa Rodriguez